Reporting for Jury Duty

What should I wear?

You are not required to dress in business attire when you report for jury duty, but the Court does recommend it. As a general guide, you should show respect for the court system and try your best to dress conservatively. For the ladies, this would exclude halter, tank or tube tops, spaghetti-strap or strapless, or backless dresses, and mini-skirts. For the men, this would exclude tank tops. Both men and women should avoid wearing torn or ripped T-shirts and jeans, and regardless of what you decide to wear, you are NOT allowed to wear shorts of any kind! You should also wear comfortable and sensible shoes – flip-flops are inappropriate.

It is important for you to dress comfortably since you will likely be sitting down for the majority of the day. You should also be prepared for the courthouse to be a colder or warmer temperature than you are comfortable with, so wearing layers would be a good idea.

If you wear glasses, contacts or any hearing devices, make sure to wear them or bring them with you.

You should also consider the weather outside since you may want to leave the immediate vicinity of the courthouse for lunch or during a break. Listen to or look up the weather prediction for that day so you know whether to bring a light rain jacket or an umbrella.

Keep in mind that you will be going through metal detectors so the less jewelry, loose change, and items you have in your pockets, the better!


You CANNOT Wear:

1. Shorts of any kind

You Should NOT Wear:

1. Halter Tops
2. Tank Tops
3. Tube Tops
4. Spaghetti-Strap Dresses
5. Strapless Dresses
6. Backless Dresses
7. Mini Skirts
8. Torn/Ripped T-Shirt
9. Torn/Ripped Jeans
10. Flip-Flops

You Should Wear:

1. Conservative, comfortable clothing and shoes
2. Layers
3. Contacts or Glasses
4. Hearing Devices
5. Rain Jacket or Umbrella (if appropriate)

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What should I bring?

You must have your Summons with you when you report for jury duty. You are also required to have your Juror Check-In/Payment Affidavit with you upon your arrival. You should fill this in before you arrive to the courthouse since there may be long lines and nowhere for you to fill out this information card before you sign in. If you plan on parking at the courthouse, you will need to bring the white courthouse parking ticket with the magnetic strip on the back that you receive as you enter the parking garage with you when you enter the jury assembly room. You must have the parking pass ticket with you when you check in order to get it validated. If you don’t remember to bring this with you, you may not have time to go back to your car to get it. Parking in the courthouse parking lot costs $8.00 an hour so please make sure to bring the ticket with you!

You should be prepared for a long day and bring items to occupy your time since there may be long periods of time where you do nothing but sit in the jury assembly room. You are allowed and should bring a novel, a magazine or newspaper, a deck of cards, a puzzle book, or work to do. You can bring your cell phone, but will not be allowed to use it for phone calls in the Jury Assembly Room. You might be able to play games, send text messages or check your email on your phone while in the room, but be prepared that you might be asked to turn it off. You can also bring your iPod but should only wear headphones in one ear since the court staff members will be making important announcements over the loudspeakers in the jury assembly room.

You might be asked to turn off your iPod at any time throughout the day. If you are called into a courtroom, make sure you have your cell phone and iPod turned off or on silent.

You should also bring money for breakfast, coffee, lunch, and sodas and snacks from the vending machines. If you prefer not to bring cash with you, there is an ATM located in the Tropic Café which is directly across the hall from the Jury Assembly Room. Many of the places where you can go for lunch also take most major Credit Cards. (For more information about restaurants in the area click here).


You Must Bring:

1. Summons
2. Check-In Payment Affidavit (filled in before you get to the courthouse)
3. Courthouse Parking Ticket (if you are parking your vehicle in the courthouse garage)

You Can Bring:

1. Novel, Magazine, Newspaper
2. Deck of Cards
3. Puzzle Books
4. Work
5. Cell Phone
6. I-Pod
7. Money
8. ATM Card
9. Credit Card

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What time should I get there?

You must check in for jury duty at 7:30 AM. Jury duty begins promptly at 7:45 AM. Be prepared to encounter traffic delays, lines getting into the parking garage, trouble finding a parking spot, and lines getting into the courthouse building. Therefore, you should plan on arriving at the courthouse about a half-hour early at 7:00 to avoid being late.

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How do I get to the courthouse?

For directions from your house to the courthouse, click here. Remember to copy or print out the directions and to bring them with you.

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Where do I park/where should I get dropped off?

The Courthouse is located on SE 6th Street. The parking garage is located EAST of the courthouse. Jurors have to enter thru the WEST entrance which is located on S.E. 3rd Avenue. If your vehicle is 7’8’’ or taller, you will be directed to high profile parking.

Pull into the parking garage and press the “Get Ticket” button in order to get the white courthouse parking ticket with a magnetic strip on the back so the gate lifts up. Remember to bring this ticket with you once you park your car and present it when you sign in so the court will validate it for you! There will be a security guard on duty if you have any questions or difficulty. You should try to park on the third floor since the pedestrian walkway that leads you directly to the entrance of the jury assembly room is on the third floor. If you are getting dropped off or can’t find parking on the third floor, take the elevators (located in the southwest corner of the garage) to the third floor.

Remember to tear off the “Juror Parking Permit” from the summons form you got in the mail and place it on your dashboard before you go into the courthouse.

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Where do I go in the courthouse to report for jury duty?

Take the pedestrian crosswalk on the 3rd floor of the garage across to the courthouse entrance. At the end of the walkway there will be two entrance doors, go through the door on the right marked “Jurors.” You will be greeted by security and will have to walk through a metal detector. Once you walk through the metal detectors, make a left to the East Wing.

The Jury Assembly Room is Room 380 and will be directly on your left across from the Tropic Café. (If you arrive early enough, you can grab breakfast and coffee at the Café). The Jury Assembly Room is vey large and has movie-theater like seats. There are televisions hanging from ceiling brackets that will be on while you are there. After checking in, you will be shown a Jury Duty Video that will give you an overview of the court system and your role in it as a juror. The televisions will be on throughout the day, but the volume will probably be turned all the way down on all of the T.V.s. You will be asked to be courteous and quiet while you are in the Jury Assembly Room so that you can hear the announcements over the loudspeaker.

Also please note that while there is a Café directly across the hall, you cannot bring any food or drinks into the Jury Assembly Room. You will not be able to hear announcements from the Café so should only go there before you are required to be in the room, during breaks, or during lunch.

There are restrooms, water fountains, and payphones for you to use located directly outside the entrance to the Jury Assembly Room on the opposite side of the hallway.

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Where can I go for lunch?

The Tropic Café is located directly across from the Jury Assembly Room and is open for Breakfast from 7:00 AM-11:30 AM, for Lunch from 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, and for Snacks from 2:30 PM-3:00PM.

If you would like to eat lunch outside of the courthouse building, there are some great restaurants nearby that are within walking distance and serve lunch relatively quickly. It is probably not a good idea for you to drive somewhere for lunch since you may not be able to find parking when you get back. If you want to walk to any of the restaurants, the quickest way is to make a left out of the Jury Assembly Room and walk straight down the corridor heading away from the metal detectors. Take your first left to the elevator bank and take one of the elevators down to the fist floor. Once you are on the first floor, take an immediate left and the exits will be in front of you.

Green Zone Eatery. They are right across the street from the courthouse. Their menu reads: "We created Green Zone Eatery as a way to provide delicious, natural food. Our food is prepared thought out the day with the freshest and healthiest ingredients available. You are what you eat." The do in fact have a very extensive menu. Try one of their Smoothies. They're pretty tasty. Try to get there a little before noon if your trial breaks early as the line can get long. But don't worry even a long line moves fast. The dining room in the back is a great place to relax for a few minutes.

The AutoNation Café is located in the AutoNation building which is also across the street from the court house at 110 SE 6th Street. The Café is on the 7th floor. If you take the elevators directly up to the seventh floor, the Café will be immediately on your right. The Café has a cafeteria style lunch so the menu changes daily. There is a cart in the front of the Café that displays that days meal options. There is also a full salad bar and plenty of tables.

The American Turkish Restaurant is located at 524 Andrews Avenue.

Publix is on the southwest corner of Andrews and 6th Ave. There is a small grab and go style eatery right when you walk in the entrance that offers pre-packaged lunches, salads, sandwiches, sushi, hot chicken and fish platters, boxed lunches, chips, snacks, and drinks. There is also a fresh Deli inside the market (once you walk through the automatic doors into the market area, go left and the deli will be at the end right next to the bakery). The Deli has a variety of hot meals and fresh sandwiches and hoagies made to order. Whichever you choose, there are picnic tables at the entrance where you can it your lunch. It is also a Free Wireless Hot Spot that you can use during your lunch.

Café Italia is located at 520 S. Andrews Avenue.

Vending Machines with drinks are located throughout the courthouse.

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How long will I have to be there for jury duty?

You are required to serve as a juror for one (1) day or for one (1) trial. However, you should be aware that if an emergency occurs, the court can extend jury service beyond the “One Trial or One Day” rule. Absent an emergency, this rule means that on the date you’re required to report to jury duty, you will either have to stay for one entire day or one entire trial depending on whether or not you are picked to be a juror in a trial. If you are not assigned to a courtroom to be part of a jury panel at all during the day (meaning that you stay in the Jury Assembly Room), you have to stay at the courthouse for the entire day, and your day ends at 4:00 P.M. If you are assigned to a courtroom to be part of a jury panel, the judge will determine what the end of the day is. If you end up being picked from that panel to be a juror in a trial, you will have to stay for the entire duration of the trial.

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